There are many commercial softwares to do AC Loadflow Analysis, AC Short Circuit Calculation, Transient Stability Simulation or Distribution System Analysis. Doing them manually may be a nightmare to an Electrical Engineer notwithstanding the probability of errors that could be contributed into the results due to human error. Likewise, commercial softwares are too expensive that only the big, well established companies could afford. Thanks to the open-source community, InterPSS, a java based power simulation software is here to help the Elelctrical Engineers.

A new project in a new environment. Just like the old times, adjustments takes a while. I have been used to this scenario though. I have been to too many companies, working with too many people from different countries.

I have not updated The Filipino Engineer for sometime now because I am moving to a new place. I was tied up with my relocation. Once I get there and settled, I will be regularly updating this website again. Just bare with me for a while.

I will be leading the electrical team of my new company do the detail design for the 1,200km water pipeline booster stations which is a part of the proposed $7.5B infrastructure project. The supply voltage, MCCs and motors will all be medium voltage. I will keep this site posted on any development or experiences that I will be encountering during the project execution.

Some upcoming articles will be:

  • Cable short circuit withstand
  • Cable selection economy
  • And many more. . .

Standards and Certification

Standards ensure that products are suitable for use on the purpose they are intended. Users are now increasing awareness of the value of purchasing a product certified to national and international standards that ensures the quality of manufacture, and that the product does not have design faults which are likely to make it fail prematurely in normal service leading to financial saving not only of the cost of early replacement but also of the cost of 'down-time'.

A standard is defined as a technical specification or other document available to the public, drawn up with the cooperation and consensus or general approval of all interests affected by it, based on the consolidated results of science, technology and experience, aimed at the promotion of optimum community benefits and approved by a body recognised on the national, regional, or international level.


Short circuit calculation softwares are very expensive and very difficult to use. Seldom do you find a software in this category which is very user friendly. In my searching, I found a free short circuit calculation software at the Mine Safety and Health Administration website. This short circuit calculation software is based on North American standards.