There are many commercial softwares to do AC Loadflow Analysis, AC Short Circuit Calculation, Transient Stability Simulation or Distribution System Analysis. Doing them manually may be a nightmare to an Electrical Engineer notwithstanding the probability of errors that could be contributed into the results due to human error. Likewise, commercial softwares are too expensive that only the big, well established companies could afford. Thanks to the open-source community, InterPSS, a java based power simulation software is here to help the Elelctrical Engineers.

InterPSS (Internet based Power System Simulation) is an open-source, software, development project. Its aim is to extend current electric utility power systems' simulation. Simulation is key to enhancing those systems' design, analysis, diagnosis, and operation. InterPSS fills a need for a simple to use, yet powerful, Internet technology based software system. Simulations currently in use are awkward, cumbersome, and, in general, neither interoperable nor network compatible. InterPSS is distinguished by its open and loosely coupled system architecture. This architecture enables components developed by others to be easily plugged into InterPSS to augment its functionality and performance.

The project is currently under development by a team of developers living in the United States, Canada and China.

The following people and groups have made the InterPSS Project possible:
The current InterPSS graphic editor was implmented by ShiZhao (Richard) Zhou. Karl Zhu made contritions at the early stage of the editor development. WenJie Zhai of Hunan University, China, under Professor Dr. XingRan Li, wrote the User Guide in Chinese. Dr. Ying Chen of Tsinghua University, China, contributed the MatLab power flow data file adapter.

InterPSS and documentation could be downloaded at the following locations

  • InterPSS - Download
  • InterPSS User Guide - Download
    Provide a complete coverage of InterPSS features from usage perspective. User can use it as a tutorial to learn how to use InterPSS. Also, it could serve as a reference to answer your daily usage questions.
  • InterPSS Reference - Download
    Describe technical details about InterPSS simulation algorithms and element models.
  • InterPSS Extension Guide - Download
    Guide for extending InterPSS functionality using various InterPSS scripting approaches for the advanced users.
  • User Study Cases - Download
    A list of interesting study cases, where user and InterPSS development team work together to solve some typical, some times challenging, power system simulation problems, by using, often extending, InterPSS.

I have not tried using the software yet but for any problems when using the software, it could be posted on the community forum. Try having a look at the Screenshots.