A new project in a new environment. Just like the old times, adjustments takes a while. I have been used to this scenario though. I have been to too many companies, working with too many people from different countries.

As expected, people of the same discipline, of the same categories try to show off. I have been used to that likewise. I know how to deal with that, how? Just let them tell you what they know. Pretend that they are better than you are. That is the way to do it as you still don't know their capabilities. However, people who tend to show off are the once who knows very little, they try to overcome their fears of being taken over by a new comer by trying to scare the newbies. I am not a newbie though.

On my first day, I have been to two design meetings. It was here where I have meet the show offs. Being unfamiliar with the project, I just listened. Normal conversation was "There should be a...; this should be that...". These show offs really try to get the first impression of me. However, after the meeting, I tried to ask for the design basis report. There was none, I told them, how could you ever tell what are the requirements if there is now design basis report? I got an answer "It was based on experience...".

Scare was of me... how could this be, I said to myself, there are no two projects which have the same requirements. There is always a variation of one from the other.

I have ask for load calculations, load flow analysis, cables sizing calculations, etc., there were none. Then I said to myself, I will be having a tough time here.

A good tip to those people who are transferring to a new job:

  • Know the background of your new job.
  • Prepare for the unexpected.
  • Prepare for the worst.

If you are prepared, then nothing will stop you from doing you new job, not even the show offs.