It has been years since this site has been has been upgraded to Joomla 1.5.26. This version is now history and totally no support whatsoever even from the Joomla community. Even with this, there was no plan to upgrade the site as it is fully functional and serves its purpose. However, there is a necessity to upgrade as Joomla 1.5.26 is not compliant to PHP 7 which is the current version of the web host serving this site. It might be logical to look for a web host with PHP 5.X but sooner or later, the options will be nil thus it is a decision that needs to be done now or the site will become history.

I was shocked to learned that has been tagged as a Phishing site for

My domain registrar godaddy dot com notified me and provided me a copy of a screen capture of the alleged phishing site. Again, I was shocked, I did not expect that. A normal hacker could have defaced the site but this hacker have uploaded a whole new site in under the templates css directory. This directory is not even active so, a site owner will not expect something is happening, until such time that a Phishing site notice will arrive. The image was shown below.

There is a saying that "experience is the worst teacher, test comes first before the lesson".

This is true in every aspect. In electrical engineering design, earthing or grounding is almost always the least concern of designers and installers. It is a safety measure mostly taken for granted as the benefits of earthing or grounding are not realized until the occurrence of a fault in the system. The importance of earthing is only known when an earth fault happens, however the occurrence of a fault may only be a split of a second as the protection system has already cleared out the fault.

Do not let the test comes first, do not let an accident happens before you learn your lesson. Always make sure that in every aspect of electrical design, earthing or grounding is taken into consideration.

We will be celebrating its 1 year anniversary on the 24th of October 2008.

To make the celebration more enjoyable, we are giving away "Free Webhosting and Domain name" (courtesy of our sponsor) for a year to our member who are able to provide the first correct answer to our challenge question.

The Challenge:
The photos are taken from the cable compartment of an 11KV Switchgear. The installation may be acceptable to a trade person or the installer. However, put yourself into the shoes of an Electrical Inspector or the Design Engneer. Spot installation errors which make the installation unacceptable or requiring rework.

11kV Switchgear Photo A

11kV Switchgear Photo B

To provide an answer through the comment link. If you require any clarification, post it on the comment likewise.

We shall be announcing the winner at the end of the October 2008.

This sign is a common sight in Petrol / gasoline refilling station.

Do not use mobile phone while filling your car.

There is a danger of explosion when using the mobile phone while filling your car with fuel. Is this true or just a myth?

This is just a myth. The mobile phone got no sufficient power to radiate radio frequency which may cause a nearby conducting medium to act as an aerial.

Any conducting object can act as an aerial and collect energy from any radio frequency radiation field. This energy is then released as a spark or arc by failure of insulation.