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Dictionary of Electrical Engineering

Commonly used terms in the Electrical industry.

V-V transformer
See open-delta transformer
vacuum capacitor
a capacitor with a vacuum between its plates.
vacuum circuit breaker
a power circuit breaker where a vacuum chamber is used as an insulating and arc clearing medium.
vacuum insulation
any insulation scheme which depends upon the dielectric capabilities of a high vacuum.
vapor cooling
a cooling technique for power vacuum tubes utilizing the conversion of hot water to steam as a means of safely conducting heat from the device and to a heat sink.
See volt-ampere-reactive
a reverse biased PN or Schottky diode that uses the voltage variable depletion region as a tuning element or as a nonlinear frequency multiplier.
varactor diode
a diode designed to have a repeatable and high capacitance vs. reverse voltage characteristic. A two terminal semiconductor device in which the electrical characteristic of primary interest is the voltage dependent capacitance.
varactor tuner
a tuning circuit at the input of a television receiver that uses a varactor diode. The tuning capability comes from the characteristic of a varactor, or varicap, to function as a voltage-sensitive capacitance.
variable frequency drive
electric drive system in which the speed of the motor can be varied by varying the frequency of the input power.
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