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Dictionary of Electrical Engineering

Commonly used terms in the Electrical industry.

fiber cladding
the region of an optical fiber having a lower index of refraction than the core region, to allow confinement of light in the core.
fiber-optic cable
a glass fiber cable that conducts light signals and can be used in token ring local area networks and metropolitan area networks. Fiber optics can provide higher data rates than coaxial cable. They are also immune to electrical interference.
fiber-optic interconnect
interconnect that uses an optical fiber to connect a source to a detector. An optical fiber is used for implementing a bus. The merits are large bandwidth and high speed of propagation.
(1) the member of an electrical machine that provides the main magnetic flux, which then interacts with the armature causing the desired machine operation (i.e., motor or generator).

(2) a description of how a physical quantity varies as a function of position and possibly time. See also electric field, finite field.
field circuit
a set of windings that produces a magnetic field so that the electromagnetics induction can take place in electric machines.
field controlled thyristor (FCT)
a thyristor controlled by change in the magnitude of the field current.
field current control
a method of controlling the speed of a DC motor by varying the field resistance, thus producing a change in the field current.
field discharge resistor
a resistor used to dissipate the energy stored in the inductance of a field winding. It may be a standard power resistor that is connected across the winding just prior to opening the supply switch, or a permanent non-linear resistive device that has high resistance at normal voltage but low resistance when voltage rises at switching.
field loss protection
a fault-tolerant scheme used in electric motors. Some DC motor control circuits provide field loss protection in the event the motor loses its shunt field. Under a loss of field, DC motors may overspeed causing equipment damage and/or personal injury. In a motor controller that has field loss protection, a sensor determines when the shunt field has lost current flow, then secures the motor before an overspeed condition occurs.
field propagator
the analytical description of how electromagnetic fields are related to the sources that cause them. Common field propagators in electromagnetics are the defining Maxwell equations that lead to differential equation models, Green’s functions that produce integral equation models, optical propagators that lead to optics models,
and multipole expansions that lead to modal models.

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