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Dictionary of Electrical Engineering

Commonly used terms in the Electrical industry.

fuse coordination
the process of matching the fuse or circuit breaker interruption capability to overload current and short-circuit current and insuring that the protective device closest to a fault opens first so as to minimize the service interruption.
fuse cutout
a primary distribution voltage level fuse that employs a replaceable fusible link and provides a means of disconnect. The interrupting rating of a fuse cutout can be somewhat lower than that of a power fuse, however.
fuse link
used in nonerasable programmable memory devices. Each bit in the memory device is represented by a separate fuse link. During programming, the link is either "blown" or left intact to reflect the value of the bit.
See fusible link ROM
fuse reducer
an adapter that allows fuses to be installed in fuseclips designed for larger fuses.
fuse saving
the practice of tripping distribution line reclosers or circuit breakers on a fast trip to beat sectionalizing fuses that are protecting laterals. The following re-close will restore all load. If the fault remains following the fast trip(s), subsequent slow trip(s) will allow the fuse to operate on a permanent fault on the lateral. Fuse saving decreases the customer outage rate but causes more sags to customers in a fault situation.
fused disconnect
a disconnect switch that also employs fuse(s) for the purpose of over-current protection.
fusible element(s)
are designed to melt and interrupt the circuit when current above a threshold value flows in the circuit.
fusible link ROM
read-only memory using fuse links to represent binary data.
See fuse link
a nuclear reaction in which two light nuclei are combined into a heavier nucleus with a release of energy. Fusion power reactors have been proposed but as yet never successfully constructed.

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