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Dictionary of Electrical Engineering

Commonly used terms in the Electrical industry.

earth electrode system
a network of electrically interconnected rods, plates, mats, or grids installed for the purpose of establishing a low-resistance contact with earth. The design objective for resistance to earth of this subsystem should not exceed 10 Ω.
earth wire
an overhead wire which is maintained at ground potential for purposes of lightning shielding and system grounding.
See grounding
economic dispatch
a generation scheme in which units are utilized such that the greatest profit is generated for the utility.

economic interchange
an arrangement between interconnected electrical power systems whereby a system can meet its load demand by buying power from one or more of the other systems in the interconnection group.
eddy current
a circulating current in magnetic materials that is produced as a result of time-varying flux passing through a metallic magnetic material.

eddy current brake
a braking device in which energy is dissipated as heat by generating eddy currents.
eddy current drive
a magnetic drive coupled by eddy currents induced in an electrically conducting member by a rotating permanent magnet, resulting in a torque that is linearly proportional to the slip speed.
eddy current loss
the energy wasted in sustaining undesirable eddy currents in an electrical conductor.

(1) the ratio of the input power to the output power. It is a figure of merit for the energy cost effectiveness of a device.
(2) in antennas, the ratio of the power radiated to the input power. This term is sometimes defined with the mismatch loss (1-γ2) included in the total efficiency of the antenna; other times, it is omitted from the calculation.

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