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Dictionary of Electrical Engineering

Commonly used terms in the Electrical industry.

common symbol for speed of light in free space. c = 3 × 1010 cm/s.

microwave frequency range, 3.95-5.85 Ghz.

a circuit used in an asynchronous as an interconnect circuit. The function of this circuit is to facilitate the handshaking communication protocol between two functional blocks.
an assembly of insulated conductors, either buried or carried on poles (aerial cable).

cable limiter
a cable connector that contains a fuse. Cable limiters are used to protect individual conductors that are connected in parallel on one phase of a circuit.

cable tray
a specialized form of raceway used to hold insulated electric power cables in a building.

See computer-aided design
cage-rotor induction motor
an induction motor whose rotor is occupied by copper or aluminum bars, known as rotor bars, instead of windings. Also commonly referred to as a squirrel-cage induction motor.
candela (cd)
unit of measurement for luminous intensity (illuminating power in lumens/sr). The luminous intensity of 1/60 of 1cm2 of projected area of a blackbody radiator operating at the temperature of solidification of platinum (2046K). Historically, the unit of measurement for the light emitted by one flame of a specified make of candle.
candle power
See candela
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