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TFE Hacked, Turned into a Phishing Site

I was shocked to learned that FilipinonEngineer.org has been tagged as a Phishing site for AOL.com.

My domain registrar godaddy dot com notified me and provided me a copy of a screen capture of the alleged phishing site. Again, I was shocked, I did not expect that. A normal hacker could have defaced the site but this hacker have uploaded a whole new site in under the templates css directory. This directory is not even active so, a site owner will not expect something is happening, until such time that a Phishing site notice will arrive. The image was shown below.



A Safety Measure Taken for Granted

There is a saying that "experience is the worst teacher, test comes first before the lesson".

This is true in every aspect. In electrical engineering design, earthing or grounding is almost always the least concern of designers and installers. It is a safety measure mostly taken for granted as the benefits of earthing or grounding are not realized until the occurrence of a fault in the system. The importance of earthing is only known when an earth fault happens, however the occurrence of a fault may only be a split of a second as the protection system has already cleared out the fault.

Do not let the test comes first, do not let an accident happens before you learn your lesson. Always make sure that in every aspect of electrical design, earthing or grounding is taken into consideration.


Metal-Clad vs Metal-Enclosed

The selection of the type of switchgear to be used in a project is a tedious job. Design engineers need to know what are the requirements of the project to be able to specify what type of switchgear is needed. In a project with a highly skilled personnel and requires monitoring, a metal-clad switchgear is recommended.

Metal-Clad vs Metal-Enclosed
  Metal-clad Metal-enclosed
Main Interrupting Device
Drawout circuit breakers Fixed Switch and fuse combination
Bus works
Insulated Bare
Live Parts
No exposed live parts even when cover is removed Exposed live parts when cover is removed
High Low
High Low
Auxiliary Power
Yes No
Single Phasing Protection
Standard Options
Communication Interface
Available None

Hign Voltage Switchgear Rated Insulation Level

The Common specifications for high-voltage switchgear and controlgear standards ( IEC 60694:2002 ) tables 1 and 2 provide the rated insulation levels of switchgears and controlgears. In these tables, the withstand voltage applies at the standardized reference atmosphere (temperature, pressure and humidity) specified in IEC 60071-1.

The rated withstand voltage values for lightning impulse voltage (Up), switching impulse voltage (Us) (when applicable), and power-frequency voltage (Ud) shall be selected without crossing the horizontal marked lines. The rated insulation level is specified by the rated lightning impulse withstand voltage phase to earth.


We need your suggestions

We have completed our first year online and we more than 230 members, and almost 20k hits. We consider this as a good accomplishment on our part but we wanted to listen to whatever our visitors want for us to be able to provide a better service.

By means of this post, we wanted to solicit your ideas to make this The Filipino Engineer better.

Thank you very much - TFE Admin Team

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