2.2 International Electro-technical Commission

IEC 60044 Instrument Transformers
IEC 60071 Co-ordination of insulation.
IEC 60076 Power transformers.
IEC 60137 Bushings for alternating voltages above 1000 V.
IEC 60214 On-load tap-changers.
IEC 60296 Specification for unused mineral insulating oils for
transformers and switchgear.
IEC 60354 Loading guide for oil-immersed power transformers.
IEC 60445
Identification of equipment terminals and of terminations of
certain designated conductors, including general rules for
an alphanumeric system.
IEC 60529 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures.
IEC 60542 Application guide for on-load tap-changers.
IEC 60551 Determination of transformer and reactor sound levels.
IEC 60616 Terminal and tapping markings for power transformers.
IEC 60722 Guide to the lightning impulse and switching impulse testing
of power transformers and reactors.
IEC 60947 Low voltage switchgear and control gear.