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Creating Coordination Curves with Excel

As electrical engineers, doing protective devices coordination is always a part of our tasks. You may say that I could always use ETAP or EDSA or SKM Power Tools to do the job.

If your company has the money to buy all these software, then you are right. The most important thing however is, do you know how to use the sophisticated power system analysis software.

At the end of this tutorial, the electrical engineer will be able to create coordination graphs for any particular application. This tutorial also aims to provide tips during the process.

The requirements of this tutorial are the following

  • You have MS Excel - at least MS Excel 2003 - lower versions may do as well.
  • You know how to use MS Excel
  • You know how to create graphs.

This is a sample of coordination curve we shall be doing on the next part of the tutorial.

coordination curve


Design Stages

Successful projects were not developed overnight. They have undergone through several stages. Missing any one stage may have caused disastrous effect on the projects causing failure.

Conceptual Design
To develop your project ideas into a more tangible perspective.
Front End Engineering and Design (FEED)
To explore possibilities to enable better control on the outcome of ideas, getting the final result without delay but more importantly without overshooting your budget.
All ideas need to be developed at this stage of the project.
Detail Design
The final stage of the design aspect of your project. Only minor, unforeseen and uncontrollable by the project team need to be implemented at this stage.
Injecting radical changes at this stage could mean redevelopment of the project concepts leading to project delays and budget overshoot.

We could offer the Electrical Engineering aspect of your project ideas. If you want to seek our help, contact us at [email protected].

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