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Dictionary of Electrical Engineering

Commonly used terms in the Electrical industry.

arcing ground
a ground fault on a power line which alternately clears and restrikes, causing high, repetitive voltage surges.
arm pin
a pin insulator

the magnetic circuit of a rotating electrical machine, including the main current carrying winding, in which an alternating voltage is induced by the magnetic field.
armature circuit
components of the machine that carry armature current. For example, in a DC machine the armature circuit could consist of the armature windings, brushes, series field winding, compensating windings, interpoles, starting resistor(s), main-line contacts, and overload sensor.
armature current limiting
a condition wherein the stator currents are clamped at the maximum allowable limit due to excessive heating of the stator.

armature reaction
(1) in DC machines, a distortion of the field flux caused by the flux created by the armature current. Armature reaction in a DC machine causes lower flux at one pole-tip and higher flux at the other, which may lead to magnetic saturation. It also shifts the neutral axis, causing sparking on the commutator.

(2) in AC synchronous machines, a voltage “drop” caused by the armature current. In the steady state model of the synchronous machine, the armature reaction is accounted for by a component of the synchronous reactance. armature voltage control a method of controlling the speed of a DC motor by varying the voltage applied to the armature while keeping the voltage applied to the field circuit constant.

armature winding
an arrangement of coils carrying the main current, typically wound on the stator of a synchronous machine or the rotor of a DC machine, in which an alternating voltage is induced by the magnetic field.
armless construction
a method of distribution line construction, often used for aesthetic purposes, in which pin insulators are mounted on steel brackets bolted directly to a utility pole without the use of a crossarm.
arrester discharge current
the current in an arrester during a surge.

arrester discharge voltage
the voltage in an arrester during a surge.

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