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Dictionary of Electrical Engineering

Commonly used terms in the Electrical industry.

angular frequency
the rate of change of the phase of a wave in radians per second.

American National Standards Institute, a body which administers numerous industrial standards in the USA including several which pertain to electric utility construction practices.
See American National Standards Institute
a device used to couple energy from a guiding structure (transmission line, waveguide, etc.) into a propagation medium, such as free space, and vice versa. It provides directivity and gain for the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves.
antenna beamwidth
the effective angular extent of the antenna radiation pattern usually specified between points of fixed amplitude relative to the main lobe gain (e.g., -3 dB points).

antenna gain
the maximum ratio of an antenna’s ability to focus or receive power in a given direction relative to a standard; the standard is usually an isotropic radiator or a dipole. The gain includes the efficiency of the antenna.
antenna Q
ratio of the energy stored to the energy dissipated (ohmically or via radiation) per cycle.

a fuse-like device that when activated becomes low-impedance.

a particle having the same mass as a given fundamental particle, but whose other properties, while having the same magnitude, may be of opposite sign. Each particle has a partner called an antiparticle. For example, electrical charge in the case of the electron and positron, magnetic moment in the case of the neutron and antineutron. On collision a particle and its antiparticle may mutually annihilate with the emission of radiation. Some properties of the antiparticle will be identical in magnitude but opposite in sign to the particle it is paired with.

symmetry created by simultaneously mirroring an object in both the X and Y axes.

antireflection coating
See antireflective coating

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