While searching the internet for some references, I came across Areva (formerly Alsthom) website. The book on Network Protection and Automation guide provides a comprehensive information on how tos. I found it very essential for any Electrical design engineer.

The chapters are:

  1. Fundamentals
  2. Fundamental theory
  3. Fault calculations
  4. Equivalent circuits
  5. Current and voltage
  6. Relay technology
  7. Protection signalling and tripping
  8. Overcurrent protection
  9. Unit protection
  10. Distance protection
  11. Distance protection schemes
  12. Protection of complex transmission
  13. Auto reclosing
  14. Busbar protection
  15. Transformer and transformer feeder protection
  16. Generator and generator transf protection
  17. Industrial and commercial
  18. AC Motor Protection
  19. Protection of AC Electrified Railways
  20. Relay testing and commissioning
  21. Power systems measurements
  22. Power quality
  23. Substation control and automation
  24. Distribution system automation

A compiled copy of the guide is available at downloaded section