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Safety aspects contained within product specifications establish matters such as marking of the product to inform the user of the product ratings and limitations, and where necessary to warn of dangers of misapplication.

Safety tests are also included in standards. In some cases, the level of safety is indicated in the title of the standard e.g. if it states that it is intended for use by authorised persons, which implies that there can be an additional level of hazard if used by unqualified person.

A quality assurance procedure provides a standard framework for regular checking to ensure maintenance of quality in production, and continued adherence of the product to the standard to which it is claimed to conform.

Manufacturers of products for export are required to conform with the appropriate standard which applies to the particular country to which they are exporting. The may already have test certificates to certify complete compliance with their local standard, the other country may have national standards which differ significantly. Some countries have local regulations and trade practices which enforce series of re-testing by local test bodies in their own country to ensure compliance to local standards.