Globalization is defined as the process of increasing integration between units around the world, including nation-states, households/individuals corporations and other organizations. A very general term to cover all aspects of society.

The effects of globalization could either be beneficial or detrimental to society. The positive effect of globalization increases the standard of living of Third World countries and the wealth to First World countries as well. The negative effect will be increased human rights violation in developing societies and cultural assimilation through the destruction of authentic local cultures.

A significant percentage of buyers of real estate in the Philippines including high end condominium units are Overseas Filipinos. A very good sign that globalization has improved the standard of living of Filipinos.

At the opposite end of the scale, news about physical abuse, rape, harassment of Filipinos from their foreign employers is being shown on the media almost daily, the signs of the negative effect of globalization.

Globalization will be the start of the death of local cultures. Cultural heritage landmarks are being converted into industrial sites. Hydro-power plant put underwater historical sites. Kids would rather watch the boob tube than playing hide and seek on moonlight.

Filipino globalization through export of labor has been happening since half a century ago. Labor export boomed when the Middle East have started developing their oil reserves. Until now, the Middle East is still the main destination of Overseas Filipinos.

The mission of the Filipino Engineer is to create a knowledge base for Filipino Electrical Engineers, other engineering disciplines and Filipino students to enable them to cope with the demands of globalization.