After more than two decades working for others (employed), I have personally encountered almost any type of bosses you can ever think of. If you are reading this and you are handling people, you might be able to categorize yourself with at least one or several of the bosses I am going to discuss and illustrate.

  • Demanding. This type always want to get good results. It does not accept any reasons for failures.
  • Provider. This type gives what the employee needs. Think of anything you want, then ask and you shall be given. In return, you need to be loyal 24/7 with all mind, body and soul else you will find yourself jobless the next time you wake up.
  • Lenient. The employee could do anything against company policy but no reprimand or whatever will be done against the employee. Not until, the higher ups found out some anomalies such as poor quality, low production, missing company properties, etc. This type of boss will be the first one to pin down the employee.
  • Complacent. Same as the lenient except that only this boss is a last minute reactive type. Action to be done only on the last minute.
  • Talkative. This type only talks but no actions. Its good if this boss will ever help in crisis.
  • Pretender. This type pretends to know everything at work but in reality knows nothing.
  • Silent. This boss does like talking, always tend to be at the bounds of the office. Don't expect this boss to support you in your demand for promotion or salary adjustments.
  • Provocative. Always challenges the employees and ask who is the boss. This boss, always wanted to be looked up into the pedestal.
  • Uncaring. As long as this boss receives the bounty every month, no matter what happens, he does not want to involved himself.

The list may go on and on. But at least I may have illustrated the most common ones. So what type of boss are you?