A famous Shakespearean phrase in the literary world.

What does this phrase have something to do in the technical world?

A lot, particularly after putting much effort into Front End Engineering and Design (FEED). Variations in detailed design is normal only if particular details are not achievable due to change in process, equipment design, environmental conditions, or any standards.

However, variations in specifications caused by the failure of Vendors or Suppliers to comply with the requirements is not normal.

To be or not to be pressured by Vendors to change specifications to suit their equipment. To be or not to be influenced by the client to heed to selecting equipment not suitable to the applicable because it cheap. The list goes on...

In the first world, experience of this nature is beyond imagination however, in developing countries, this experience is very common. How is that?

An typical example: no electrical distribution equipment shall be purchased without any type testing. This is very uncommon in third world countries like the Philippines. How many Electrical Design Engineers have actually requested vendors to present type test certificates or before any technical endorsement be done?

Type testing is very essential to ensure that the electrical equipment is actually capable of what is stated in its nameplate or documentation. Since type testing is usually a destructive test, a new equipment design will be put into torture testing before going into mass production.

To be or not to be, that is the question...
Thus conscience does make cowards of us all...
And lose the name of action.